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•• Published: Aug 15, 2013

During one of my many monthly trips to Dublin follow-ups necessitated by my near brush with the Grimm Reaper over Christmas. Appointment, over for the day I had time to explore. If you’ve used the Luas from Abbey Street to James it would take an rare talent to miss the huge spray painted illustrations along the route. Details from promotional posters and images to highlight business along the way. Graffiti.

For more of the same but different, I was directed to the Tivoli on Francis Street. The Tivoli Car Park is rather unique and is located next to the The Tivoli Theatre on Francis Street. It operates independently from the theatre and house’s Dublin Graffiti Hall of Fame. 18 May 2013 location of The sixth All-City Graffiti Jam. The artworks evolve, are reworked and replaced through out the year. The pictures below are a small selection of the Street Typography photos I took.


3- IMG_4245

4- IMG_4243

5- IMG_4242

6- IMG_4241

7- IMG_4240

8- IMG_4239

9- IMG_4237

10- IMG_4238

11- IMG_4232

12- IMG_4233

13- IMG_4231

14- IMG_4230

15- IMG_4229

16- IMG_4227

17- IMG_4228

One of the most consistent documenters of Dublin Graffiti is Ciarán one of the authors of the blog comeheretome.com (a blog that focuses on the life and culture of Dublin city. •  below find links to some of his “Writings on the wall” photo series

Bernard Shaw, Richmond Villas, Richmond Street, Dublin

Lane behind Whelan’s/ Liberty Lane, The Village, Dublin.

Windmill Lane, Dublin

Ormond Place (behind Fibber’s Rock Bar) is apparently a designated grafitti spot set up by the Dublin City Council

Behind the Bernard Shaw

St. Peter’s Road with Cabra Park.

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