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Winter Solstice & Lunar eclipse 2010 then Snow.

The last time dawn sunlight beamed into the passage grave at Newgrange just as the moon passed out of a full eclipse was 450 years ago — when Pirate Queen Granuaile first turned her hand to plundering ships. ……..more


The event is not expected to recur for another 200 years


Winter solstice on a frosty winter morning held the promise of some beautiful shots. The moon having moved out of sight of Wexford town hours before it was to officially set. Don’t be disappointed Elaine Larkin of Webcontent.ie captured the lunar eclipse ‘moments’ on the other side of the county, Lunar Eclipse 21 December 2010. Below find a few shots of the winter solstice sunrise over Wexford Harbour & then some.


Winter Solstice Sunrise over Wexford Harbour 2010, taken from the 'back to nature' walk at Ferrybank.


Winter Solstice Sunrise over Wexford Harbour 2010 & gulls


Sometimes the most spectacular events of a Sunrise are happening behind you


Winter Solstice Sky' opposite the Sunrise over Wexford Bridge


Winter Solstice sunrise reflection in the clouds through the Trawlers


Winter Solstice sunrise from the Wexford Quay's


Winter solstice heavy frost freezes the sea


Others out to capture the Solstice sunrise


The Marina that never 'woz' reflecting the cloud colour, reflecting from the sunrise behind the clouds on the horizon.


The clouds on the horizon are on fire. An interesting contrast to the ice on land & prelude for the weather to come


The Next full Lunar eclipse is due in five years, I think I’ll head towards New Ross for that one


The boardwalk was white and crunchy from the morning frost.  Following my return to the studio I’d read tweet after tweet of snow in Gorey, Courtown, BallyGarret & not a hint of snow in Wexford town until 5 to 10 am a few flakes floated around. A while later it started to snow in earnest, within 15 minutes Wexford was covered and the snow rising. Wow! what a Winter solstice 2010.
I havn’t seen this method of Snow grip used since the 80’s,  this is a recent & excellent video. Merry Christmas and stay safe.

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