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Why! Leaflets mean business

 Published on: 27 Oct 2017

Flyers the little promotional piece that packs a punch. Considered the bread & butter of the Print industry, flyers are cost effective. A lot of information can be fitted into a flyer in an attractive and clear manner. Good design allows you to receive effective bang for your buck.

Why a leaflet? They’re easy to transport. A DL, one third A4, & an A5 fits neatly into a standard envelope. Folding out to an A4 gives the designer the opportunity to do something interesting with  the layout & images to be used. Naturally taking care not to allow the fold to interfere with the message or damage an important portion of the picture.

While we’re on the subject of  Images, Photos, Illustrations, in-fact any picture used to enhance the leaflet. When supplying the designer with a digital version you should acquire the best quality image you can. It should be larger than the actual size required & for the commercial print process be of a high resolution. Essentially be large enough and of good quality to allow conversion by the designer to an image a little larger than intended at 300dpi and an appropriate .tiff or .eps.

A few considerations must be also taken when putting the leaflet together. While the leaflet will be shared with it’s intended audience directly by you it must also stand alone. Often leaflets are displayed in stands in a variety of locations. Some may have transparent facades but many compartments on the display are enclosed. Therefore the designer must consider the above the fold view. At a glance the essence of the leaflet should be evident on the top third of the leaflets front cover.

You attend your meeting with your customer and as a parting gift leave the humble flyer with your contact details, beautiful photographs & pertinent points on your business, product or event your selling. After you leave your flyer is working away for you. When your buyer requires a reminder of your meeting it’s there, present in that moment, ready to shine. 



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