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Whispered Words to the Wind • Letters in our environment

Published on: 18 May 2018
Whispered Words to the wind - Letters in our environment Picture of three simple memorials, type/ lettering in concrete hidden on the rocks at hook Head.


‘Michael Dwyer, Duncannon’ she said. The words seemed random particularly when we returned to the spot to find them and could not. These things happen in threes. I would love to say the parents pooch is well trained & does everything he’s told, though to his credit he’s a small dog who’s used to the lead.

Recently on a walk on the Hook Peninsula near the Hook Lighthouse he found a plaque. The date suggests it may have been there since the noughties, though it’s not so weathered. The Peninsula can be a bleak spot for all its beauty. Messages from the past are abound. The rocks along the coast from Hook Head to Slade are host to an abundance of Fossils in the Limestone and a few human additions.

Tommy Durell 10 08 01    10 11 02 Our Beautiful Baby, Our Beautiful Brother, Our Beautiful Grandson, Our Beautiful Nephew, Our Beautiful Cousin, Our Beautiful Friend And Now Forever Our Beautiful  Angel.


Michael Dwyer   Duncannon

This one is here a while. Virtually invisible. A glimpse. Familiarity of shapes in the stone. Symbols? Lettering? It warrants a second look. Not stone! Concrete, cast so long ago, it has taken the hue of its surrounds. One step, in another direction & you’ll miss it. Step away & it’s gone, until you come across it unawares again.

Colfer 4 . 5 .71

Sometime ago the stone rolled off the wall taking the top of the commemorative cement lump with it. Where is it now? Tossed? Taken home by a curious tourist? In the soil beneath the sprouting crop? I like the artistry of this one. The lettering looks crafted. Should it read 24 . 5 . 71.? That looks like the curve of a 2 to the left of the 4?

Along this coast there are a selection of graphic signs, the weathering of which I observe & record. Information on the area, warnings of weather, wild seas, blow holes, rocks and beware of the livestock. Each has it’s story. Some older than recorded time.

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