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What a unique start to a New Year, 2010 are you ready?

Wonderful! What a unique start to a New Year, 2010. A white bright new year. Wishing everyone an excellent 2010

New years eve the snow began, Photo taken at 23:00:30 on the night of the 31st of December 2009.

It’s only fair to mention that living so close to the sea on the South East coast of Ireland, snow is rare. Usually a few hours fling, in February, then it’s gone til next year. So a shower on New Years Eve is extra special, a real clean start for the coming year.

Our dour Commodore John Barry looked quite gay & almost festive with his snow frosting.

New years day was clean, white, bright & beautiful, Saturday the Sun shone too & the snow continued to sparkle, magical. Sunday the snow disappeared over night, gone with out a trace (by the quays) ready for business for the 4th.

A fresh start. Bright possibilities.

Twenty-Ten are you ready?

3 responses to “What a unique start to a New Year, 2010 are you ready?”

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