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Type in the enviornment

•• Published on: Aug 7, 2014

Signage, Utilities, type in the environment, In the begining it’s shiney & new. Time passes by and a story unfolds. This selection of type were capture at an old quarry turned unnatural lake. A place to take a walk. 


Quarry-Aug3-type- IMG_8255

Quarry-Aug3-type- IMG_8259

Quarry-Aug3-type- IMG_8261

Quarry-Aug3-type- IMG_8262

Quarry-Aug3-type- IMG_8265

Quarry-Aug3-type- IMG_8266

Quarry-Aug3-type- IMG_8269

Quarry-Aug3-type- IMG_8271




Quarry-Aug3-type- IMG_8274

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