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‘toast’ • Snap! SnapChat Art Challenge set by cbearhall

•• Published on: Sep 7, 2016

I’m on SnapChat. ‘DeirdreNiDh’.

Some people can do amazing things on the platform. Seriously Snapchat & Instagram are currently giving Facebook a run for their money. A participant posts a story it expires after 24 hours. I follow Snapchat experts, Designers, Photographers, Illustrators & friends.

Clair Hall ‘cbearhall’ is building an Artists Community. Clair put a challenge out there. Each week submit a piece. This week, ‘Toast’ ‘s the word.Version 2


Clair Hall asks that each week: “Use the topic to inspire you to do something creative. Anything, a story, a poem, a photograph, a drawing.” Direct message cbearhall on snapchat or tag her #cbearhall on instagram.


I found the whole process educational. To begin I drew some ‘Toast’, thoughts, thumbnails. I roughly drew up some lettering that has been rattling around my head. the one used appears to be a hybrid of two of my typeface, I’m drawing up & inputting into ‘font Forge’ to create the font, that will display the letters, on the computer, at the moment.

I scanned my drawing which output as a .tiff. then dropping the.tiff image into ‘Image Vectorize’. My first time. The App did exactly what it said in the thing, (app store). I opened the .eps document it output, into ‘Affinity Designer’. There I altered the vector image to tidy the lettering as desired.

I transferred the image above to my phone. In snapchat via settings I activated memories to save snaps. Now I could import photos from my iPhone gallery into snapchat and edit as well as my capabilities allow. I’ve a lot to learn. I created slides of my progress saving them to gallery until I could load them again in order to my story. Sequence complete I saved my story to memories. This allowed me to send the story to whom I wished. On this occasion to cbearhall for her competition.


I’ve learned, a great deal from the experience. I need to work on the timing. How long should each slide display to be read? Not so long as to hinder the message being understood. As ever there are a number of things I’d change about the final piece had I had the time & the know how. Practice Practice, Practice.

Drawing in Snap Chat, even with zoom is a learning curve. That too will come with practice. For drawing skills to aspire to ‘whipper snappers’ follow Geir, ‘geeohsnap‘, his daily ‘random people’ series. ‘Jamie Beck‘, Photographer has perfect timing & the life many professional photographers say they aspire to. Photos of fashion, food & locations. Jamie can, vid chat & review beauty products & books in a slide style story. Suzanne ‘Stringstory‘ shares how to build an audience, monetize snapchat and shares snapshots of info on online currency,etc. Amanda from Spiderworking is keeping us up todate on twitter things, facebook, blogging, snapchat, giving it her special brand of education with lashings of humour. Can people make money or something of a living from snapchat follow ‘CyreneQ‘ & you tell me.

So next week? A Powertool? ???

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