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The mother of invention

Ada Lovelace Day, bringing women in technology to the fore, was the the 24th of March. It was promoted & discussed amongst a number of technical types on the web at the time. Last weekend (April 18th) I came across the clipping below taken from a local newspaper in 2004. It gives a synopsis of a book published at the time.

Author: Jaffe, Deborah

Ingenious women : from tincture of saffron to flying machines / foreword by Sandi Toksvig, 2004.

The first woman to receive a patent was in 1637 in England between that and 1914 the were 500 patents granted to women. In the article the author of the article mentions a few women that Deborah Jaffe describes in her book. For more details click on the name.

Josephine Cochran – dish washer

Marion Donavan– disposable nappy


Ada Lovelace- first computer programme


Gusta AaronsBohannan– chain link fire escape


Mary Anderson – windscreen wiper


Stephanie Kwolek – Kevlar



You will find some more inventions here, illustrations included when you click on the patent number.


the illustrations are well worth looking at.

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