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Terminator Salvation Main Title (HQ)

”Imaginary Forces fourth collaboration with director McG, we take you to the futuristic world of Terminator Salvation. The main titles for the film harken back to the original Terminator titles but with modern sensibilities. The heavy typography weaves in and out revealing the title, underscored by the unforgettable Terminator theme”

TheConciseStatement “Opening credits to The Terminator (1984), James Cameron’s iconic nightmarish sci-fi action thriller, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn. Here, two sets of transparent letters, initially appearing too close to make out, pass each other and eventually form the title. The credits come in the form of text typed out on a computer screen, the square cursor being a recogniseable 80s hallmark. Along with both these fonts, composer Brad Fiedel completes the technological throughline, with his electronic score, of which this signature theme connotates the clanking metal of the Terminator itself.”

3 responses to “Terminator Salvation Main Title (HQ)”

  1. Hasta la vista baby! Wonder what the terminators next movie project will be

    • Between TV spin offs, comics and books there is quite a choice

      The Terminator: 1984
      Terminator 2: Judgment Day: 1991
      Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines: 2003
      Terminator Salvation: 2009

      Besides the creators that be have plenty of time to come up with something.

  2. Trula Gagne says:

    Man would it be cool if the terminator became president. Protein shakes for all!

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