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Sun arise not so early in the morning • Wexford Winter Wonderland

“April showers bring may flowers”. I was told to-day that we can expect a months rain over the next two days. In turn surly we can expect a bumper crop this year. That said the sun is welcome any time of the year, little did we know that this Winter Wonderland would to herald one one of the snowiest spells Ireland had in years. Personally I enjoyed the snow and the many photographs I took at the time. Recently a resurrected these photos from November 2010


I'd been out pre dawn. This close to the sea I'd thought the snow would be gone in a few hours. The camera batteries were spent, this was taken with the iPhone. Bride Street Church

Google Maps School Street towards Bride Street Church (Church of the Assumption) home of some very nice ‘Harry Clarke’ Stain Glass

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Wexford Quay. It's a lot less dramatic than it looks the train travels along the Quay at walking pace all year round.


I received a call get out here before it melts.



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