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QuickGuide to using Tweetdeck for Twitter Chats

Published on: 29 Apr 2018

For a twitter chat you might consider having  Tweetdeck open in one browser window & your twitter profile in another • side by side or one window above the other.

1. Use the link tweetdeck.twitter.com or type tweetdeck and twitter into your browser then follow the tweetdeck link. The page above should appear. If you are already logged into twitter go to step 2a Tweetdeck will automatically open into the welcome splash page. 

2. Login to Tweetdeck with your twitter login details

2a. The 1st time user Tweetdeck Splash page.

2a. The 1st time user Tweetdeck Splash page.

2b. Tweetdeck default column setup.

Hovering your cursor (arrow) over an icon will reveal its function

Hovering your cursor (arrow) over an icon will reveal its function

Clicking on the gear cog into settings allows you to set your theme and other functions.

1. Clicking the plus (+) sign allows you to introduce specific columns. You may select only one at a time. 2. Back in column view you may rearrange the columns by placing your cursor over the two parallel lines (top left in the title bar) and depressing your mouse button you may drag the column left or right. 3. You can open a column by double clicking on a hashtag in a post 4. You have the option to add a @user or #tag column in the search. 5. You can change the title of a column by double clicking it and typing in your desired word, @ or # .

The column layout above allows the chatter to view the chat, responses and view feedback. You may wish to add a column containing your @twitterhandle to see your own tweets. Having your twitter page open in another window also allows you to see your own tweets.

Home: General twitter streaming

Schedule: Here you’ll see tweets you have ready to post at specific times, You can also schedule retweets with comments, you can’t add pic to RT’s

Messages: (your DM’s), @mentions 9you’ll se peoples response to your interactions in the chat),

Notifications: followers, mentions, likes, other

Two columns for the chat you are following. One you can scroll through to chat, answer questions, RT. The second column streams in real time. (you may dip in & out of that one if you wish just remember to set to the top of column occasionally)

You can add columns to keep up with a specific search  by hitting the return key.

Setting up scheduled tweets. 1. As per writing any tweet. You can add up to four images by dragging and dropping them into the text box or clicking on the add images or video. To schedule before hitting tweet scroll down to ‘Schedule Tweet’ click to reveal the insert time & select calendar date. 2. You can click on the recycling style arrows (RT) with comment and schedule as above. In Tweetdeck you can’t add an image to your RT tweet or reply.

You can browse someones profile & tweets etc. by clicking on their @username. This will bring up the profile dialog panel.

In Tweetdeck

You may add columns to keep up with a specific list yours or anothers. 

You may add columns to keep up with a specific #tag

You may add columns to keep up with a specific @username

Well that’s the quick overview if you have any questions add them to the comments below or DM me on Twitter. @2dgraphicdesign



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