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Posters: exhibiting the exhibition.

When in college a lecturer referred to poster design as the bread & butter of graphic design. She meant of course that as a graphic designer we could expect tp create a lot of Posters. Posters being the most visible they’re important & shouldn’t be treated as an after thought. The poster is the book jacket of your event, it idisplays important information such as what your promoting, where & when it is and supporting information.

I’ve produced much display information over the years particularly for exhibition. With out fail it is the posters that receive comment. Rarely supporting material. ‘We saw ye’re poster’. ‘We’d been looking for your poster, then we knew’. Below you’ll find a few examples.


A1 poster  promoting the Art forum to other artistes & participants.

An A3 poster promoting an exhibition in Woodville house, Kilmore, County Wexford. Created in collaboration with other exhibitors. The next three posters share the same height of 420mm (A3 height) but vary in width.

The next two posters are A3 in size, landscape & portrait respectivly.

Many viewers may recognise the cheeky adaptation of Joost Schmidt’s poster for the 1923 Bauhaus exhibition in Weimar, below. The face used was that of the principle artist Nicky McGuire of RavenArt

If architecture shows where a country is mentally, at a particular time, perhaps it could be suggested that poster design demonstrates where it’s people are at a given moment.

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