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Moving gifs Play Mobil experiment

•• Published on: Apr 26, 2016

My curiosity aroused by Snapchat, I had another look at animated gifs. Animated gifs are comprised of a number of still images with variations running quickly one after another to give the appearance of movement. Much in the manner of traditional or stop motion animation.


Usually, I use an online animation Gif generator such as that at gifmaker.me to create Animated Gifs. On this occasion, I tried an app on my iPhone called ‘MoPho’. The first Gif was portrait in orientation. The second Gif was shot to be landscape. The 2nd experiment threw up a little surprise. I opened that Gif with ‘Preview’ on the desktop to rotate the pics to landscape.



However rotating this animated Gif killed it’s continuous play. I restored that and reduced the Gif size in another desktop app called ‘Giphy Capture’ see the result below. Refresh the page to view the Gif above in motion.


One of the features that amused, but is useful. Is the double exposure element, when a shot is taken in MoPho Story, a ghost of the previous image remains on the screen, this allows the author to align the next image as desired in relation to the previous image.


The moving Gifs displayed here have an exaggerated fun handheld, childish quality. If the phone were stabilised on a stand the end results could impressive.

Apr-24-2016 playmobil-2


All in all a fun app with potential. ‘Don Bluth Productions’ won’t be lining up, just yet for my skills, however it’s all good fun, in the best possible taste.


ZIG and ZAG • The Fridge in a Denim Jacket

* In school I drew detailed characters moving around the edge of my copy books. During college I considered doing a 7 year animation apprenticeship. At RTE I painted cells for a Zig & Zag animation title sequence & their book The Fridge in a denim jacket.

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