Graphic Designers – A top 5 of ‘Things we can do for you.’

3 Strategy for maximizing business • Start-Up! • Where to start?

Design & Promotion • Around the folds.

Identities • logotype • icons

Leaflets • flyers • publicity post


Brochure • magazine

more Typographic animation under 40sec

Kenetic Typography, Typeographic animation, Moving type. I like it.

Below find a few more examples under 40 sec.


Typographic Animation – Hi Friend! (23sec) by Mr. W

Typographic Animation – Hi Friend! from Mr. W on Vimeo.

He used After Effects to visualize a part of the song “Hi Friend!” by “Deadmau5 feat. Mc Flipside”.

Wiff Waff – Scenography (33sec) by Marcus Fuchs

Wiff Waff – Scenography from Marcus Fuchs on Vimeo.

Typographic Timeline

Typographic Timeline by Marcus Fuchs on Vimeo.

MI TUMBAO (35sec) by juanita garcia

MI TUMBAO from juanita garcia on Vimeo.

Juanita Garcia Fanta Advert

DJ shadow – The Outsider

(Typographic animation) (40sec) by remote, Istanbul / TURKEY

DJ shadow – The Outsider (Typographic animation) from remote on Vimeo.

I like the page scenes in particular.

Angels And Rascalls

(Typographic Dada Poem)(40sec) by Popow

Angels And Rascalls (Typographic Dada Poem) from Popow on Vimeo.

Italian Dada Poem translated to Typography

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