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Missing the domain renewal date there is no REDEMPTION …

It wasn’t always this way. But today if you miss the renewal date of your domain registration, for what ever reason,  your domain goes into redemption.


Basically for 90 days your domain is held from the public. Over the first 30 – 60 days you can pay to retrieve your domain. After 90 days it’s made public and you take your chances with everyone else.

The fees are rather hefty and vary from domain register to domain register. There is the standard domain central registry ‘s admin fees plus the fees imposed by your provider. The fees will be excessively higher than your regular renewal fees. There is no guarantee that your application will be successful or at least so the web suggests.


To be honest, the bill for came as something of a shock as I’d thought the domain had been paid for, I Googled with scary results and put a question out on ‘Linked in’ follow the link REDEMPTION. In the end I retrieved my domain and I’d like to thank the five respondents to my query on ‘Linked in’ for their informative and ‘down to earth’ advice.

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