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Look what I got in the post? Platignum Pen * Thank you Angus

•• Published: Mar 29, 2015

Did I mention that during the second week of being discharged, feeling sore and tired I received this surprise packet?





Angus Boulton, (Photography & film maker) from London had read one of my blog articles: The quick brown fox … Write for life, fountain pens •• Published: Feb 5, 2014 [ https://2dgraphicdesign.ie/the-quick-brown-fix-write-for-li…/ ] reminiscing, my purchase of a yellow Platignum fountain pen then subsequent loss of it’s lid at the LSAD foundation course, to the floor boards on the top floor (old tech school, O’Connell, Avenue, Limerick.)

He’d been inspired to search eBay, he sent away for one pen in his colour choice. Five sets arrived back, so he sent me the sunny yellow pen set.

Wedge shaped anti-roll lid

Wedge shaped anti-roll lid

With the Platignum calligraphy pen, starter set came 4 nibs, a nib key, an ink convertor & it even has the anti-roll lid.

Aren’t people wonderful?

Thank you Angus

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