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bLazing inspiration! well! it can pop a balloon.

Yesterday following post: The Closest We’ll Get To A Real Lightsabre – A Wicked Laser! the 06/11/2010 – 1:00 pm By Diana Adams popped into my twitter stream. I really like electric blue, so it was a must read. entertaining to say the least. So today the 1st of September while finishing a mug of ‘weak’ tea I’m reading the stream again. This time another bit stream article: How To: Make Your Own Tattoo Gun Using An Electric Toothbrush! 06/02/2010 – 5:00 am By Richard Darell but what caught my eye was the video player ‘Smart Player‘ not sure why, I know there are others, out there besides ‘You tube’, ‘Vimeo’ and ‘ubcam.com’

In any case in an attempt to learn more I click on a link, full screen then see, you might be interested in, related videos XBOX 360 Laser Pistol

More DIY videos at 5min.com

and the mag light conversion : How to turn a Minimag Flashlight into a Burning Laser

More DIY videos at 5min.com

Yep pop! a balloon & light a match! inspiration can come from any where

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  1. Wexford says:

    Just found this site in Yahoo this week. Been following it for a few days now. Nice blog. Bookmarked! 🙂 I will be back!

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