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IMagine Speed Test via http://speedtest.imagine.ie/ this morning 11/10/13

•• Published: Oct 11, 2013

I’ve been told nothing can be done . They have no idea why it’s fluctuating so wildly now. Medium to Long term it should sot sort it’s self out. (sort even)

I think maybe the location of the external box is incorrect.

Actually the GMT was 4:17pm

Imagine Speed test- 13.55 11:10:13

imagine WiMax@imagineWiMax

Previously internal 3mb BB Parnell Street Wexford after the move to Ferrybank had new 10mb external BB currently speeds below 5 occasionally 2. Nothing changed my end between the Thursday the 3rd and Wednesday the 9th.

I’ve have been doing speed tests on your http://speedtest.imagine.ie/ system since Wednesday 9th, pm the results should be there.


DownLoad Upload
4.00Mbs .49

4.23 .54

2.66 .56


4.40 .53

4.96 .53

3.75 .54

4.70 .53

Friday see below

Imagine Speedtest-20.44-thu IST 11:10:13 9.31 MacHD IST11:10:13 10.08 direct IST-11:10:13 10.09 Lan

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