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I don’t drink the black stuff myself, I do like some of the adverts.

•• Published: Oct 2, 2013 

I’ll be offline for a few days until I straighten out the Studio after the move & I thought I did a cull before.

Here are three Guinness Adverts I enjoy. In its day the first inspired an adult party game. Yes indeed! the likes of Brendan Grace would encourage slightly inebriated adults [like.. insert>  uncle…, Mr ... <here] to do the dance for a spot prize at Weddings, Christmas Parties etc.

3- dance4

Guinness Dancing Man • Anticipation • Year: 1994



The Second & third Video is are short simple stop motion film featuring hands.

2- hands3

A Short Film called hands  • “St. Patrick’s Hands” was a spoof of “Riverdance” • Year: 2006

Apparently these are only a few of the things people get up to while waiting for Guinness to pour and settle.

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