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A lesson on Typography?

Hello there this site isn’t entirely open for for business, really it’s a test site. However since you’re here why not enjoy some moving type, kenitic type, typographic animation, in any case you get the idea. I have a collection of links, lists of typographic video. May be I’ll add more a visual reference.

Moving typography it’s a medium that crops up regularly. Most recently queries about 10 sec, 20sec & 30sec advertising in service stations. What can be shown in 20 secs? Well that’s another story. In the mean time.

To begin with, take a look at this neat film on “What is typography?” from fatxican  (May 2007)

This second video is from  kristonica (uTube) Brand New Key: Type Animation (I got a brand new pair of rollerskates) January 07, 2008

The hand draw text is beautiful adding to the personality of the piece. Despite being reminded by the chorus of the novelty version by ‘The Wurzels’ – Combine Harvester.

The next one is a classic if such can be said of a seven year old film title – 2002 – ‘Catch me if you can’, Title sequence from Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film “Catch me if you can”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

Surely we can’t mention film with out a reference  to Star wars and this is a gem from anis111 (uTube) ‘Starwars Typo – pub action’, February 06, 2008, ‘luke troubles around’, the brat.

The Dark Knight – Because he’s a hero – Kinetic Typography, deathring2000 (uTube) December 18, 2008.

I like the ease by which the text becomes the  symbol & speaking of symbols
Channel Icon

TheConciseStatement  (uTube)

‘Opening titles to the blockbuster fantasy action drama thriller Batman (1989), a slightly more psychologically unhinged take on the D.C. Comics superhero. Here we are given Danny Elfman’s bombastic and operatic signature theme, while we are taken round some dark, shadowy images before the whole picture is revealed to be an all black version of the iconic Batman symbol. The initially obscured image mirrors the hero’s nature to stay in darkness both literally as a tool during conflict, and metaphorically given the moral knife edge of his vigilante activities. ” The title sequence reflects the Batman of the comics and graphic novels as opposed to the popular TV show.

It’s a little known truth that if you have a room full of graphic designers. A film comprising entirely of of film title goes down a treat.

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    A collection of Typographic animation from HeinMaas: Do you love these cool Typographic animations also as much as i do, they really are fantastic and inspirational, and they come in all types of styles and themes, today I’ve selected 25 fantastic Typographic Animations from Vimeo and at the bottom of this post there will be some links to tutorials about how you can make your own Typographic Animation. : 25 fantastic Typographic Animations

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