Graphic Designers – A top 5 of ‘Things we can do for you.’

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Graphic Designers – A top 5 of ‘Things we can do for you.’

Published on: 3 Mar 2017

Graphic Design is the business of making or choosing marks & arranging them on a surface to convey an idea. The primary role of Graphic Design is identification. To say what something is and where it came from.

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Identity A good business mark is often deceptively simple, decorative & functional. Identity should aim to accentuate the positive.

  • • Your logo/symbol expresses your businessʼ personality.
  • • Shares the benefits you want your customers to associate with your brand?
  • • A well designed identity used correctly creates market awareness, emotional associations, builds loyalty & represents value to your consumer.


Promotional Material educate potential customers or vendors about your enterprise, the services you offer and increase public awareness of your business.

  • • Achieve their mission through dynamic self-promotion, clean, beautiful appropriate design.
  • • From the humble business card to your brochure or catalog sells your product or service to your prospect later.
  • • Develops the positive perception of your business.


Point of Sale, display material advertises a product where it is being sold. Point of sale displays are an essential sales tool used in retails stores for a range of products.

  • • These displays aim to attract the attention, inform & entertain your consumers.
  • • Alerts customers to current promotions, offers & deals.
  • • Encouraging clients to buy the products on display.


Packaging & labels a stylised form of functionalism, that focuses on identifying, carrying & protecting the product within.

  • • Good graphic design sells the content.
  • • Identifies, describes & presents the product to your customer in an informative & entertaining way.
  • • Style, creates desire for the product within.


Website & Online media, Modern, Clean, & Professional looking electronic brochure, contact collection, eCommerce & informative articles. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat…

  • • A website allows you to sell your product, service or message when your not available. 24/ 7
  • • You can tell your customers why you deserve their trust through your website.
  • • Having a blog to post fresh articles will keep your website attractive, fresh & search engines up to-date.



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