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Google AdSense doesn’t make sense for everyone

 Published: Nov 22, 2010

Like many I’ve considered the various means of making money that the internet offers. I regularly recieve spam extolling the benefits of one method over an other. In the main these turn out to be version’s of the sealing envelopes start your own business/ pyramid scheme type scams. Buy a set of envelope, then encourage other people to buy their sets too. You get the idea.
I’d read many blogs on how individuals make thousands a month via ‘Google’ advertising. Two Unrelated individuals in IT locally claimed, one suggesting they’d raised and paid their college fees with their revenue from ‘Google’ advertising, another earned his monthly mortgage. I took the plunge.
I read and watched the ‘Google’ videos. I’ve had a ‘Google’ account for years. I went to Enhance your site—and your profits.
You can use your ‘AdSense’ on more than one website, without opening multiple accounts. This makes sense if you succeed in finding the revenue making formula, you have all your earning in one spot. Indeed it is frowned upon to try to set up more than one ‘AdSense’ account.
Upon setting up your ‘AdSense’ account you now have the option designing how the adverts will look within ‘Google’ perameters. You have a selection of typeface, colours, text and add sizes/ shapes you may use. You set the advert then copy and paste the relevant code into your website.
I find it facinating that ‘Google’ does indeed match the content of the page with the advert that appears on it. Even on the same site, take a wordpress blog/site the same code is used once in for example a widgets text box, yet on each page the designated advert box appears the adverts are different. I’m not so impressed when my competition appear on my pages, apparently it is possible to set filters to exclude those. ****In your ‘AdSense’ account go to (it will be easier in the new beta version) In your ‘AdSense’ account go to the content for ‘AdSense’ there is a box into which you can type the domain (just the basic address www.domainname.com) don’t use a comma hit return and type the next domain you wish blocked from appearing on your site. You may also block a selection of categories. The most practical advice on filtering your competition suggests don’t use ‘Google AdSense’ on a services website. That makes sense.
Yes I understand ‘Google’ is a big company with a life stake in the Internet and so don’t share all that they create straight away. That is not bad thing, there are so many big brothers & sisters looking over their shoulder & better still ‘Google’ lets them. I know some people are annoyed that ‘Google’ have access to so much information and software innovation. Of course they could knock our socks off if they shared the innovations sooner rather than later. But who would that really benefit? Not Joe or Jane soap, as most of us are only begining to understand what ‘Google’ and therefore talented programmers can do. We make the effort to learn about them when we have a need for a particular application, the really innovative stuff wouldn’t benefit the mass Internet users but the programming elite.
Personally I like to think that ‘Google’s techies/ programmers are working on the innovative stuff and finding defences to what the unscrupleous hacker might do to it before it is put forward for general consumption. Before I or others can use it we must learn about what is currently available & grow from there.


In anycase I’ve had ‘Google AdSense’ on a number of sites for a few months now without even a hint of an income. Maybe I violated one of their rules, it’s easily and innocently done.The long and the short story, ‘Google AdSense’ doesn’t seem to be working for me maybe it’s time to try something else??


I wrote the bulk of this article a few months ago and while checking some details to publish I noticed. OK it wasn’t so much noticed as having the point loudly pushed in my face by the new beta version of ‘AdSense’, but some where in the last few weeks I’ve earned the whopping amount of…. Wwwait for it €00.42 as opposed the whole of nothing the previous months since set up. I wonder what changed? On the up side at least I know it’s working so I’ll see how it goes. Though it may be some time before it pays my mortgage or anything else for that matter. It’s just gotten interesting though.


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