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Get it, Got it, GOooo! – Brochure to go

Experience teacheth & so we find newer better ways of doing. Certainly Rapid Rail International discovered they could make their internationally safer climbing systems even safer. Celebrating the innovation and sharing developments with their customers they asked us to create a new brochure. To emphasize the innovations of their products. To work with or stand independently of the previous brochure. Again the piece was geared to both the UK and USA markets.



The cover image immediately tells us the system is light, the race track with the towers on the horizon alludes to the speed of putting this climbing safety system in place.



The inside cleanly explains the advantages of this climbing system. It’s ease of use. Portability and the various components that work together seamlessly. Highlighting RRI’s innovative ‘new’ and improved ‘S’ Flo grab & braking system.


InfoGraphic • Clearly demonstrates 'The Problem' with conventional Tower climbing systems. In the event of a fall the climber falls forward and hits a number of pins on the way down. With the RRi system the climber falls a shorter distance & backwards. The difference, between life & death


We altered our InfoGraphic created for the previous brochure to accommodate international markets.


Photography by John Ironside Photography • JohnIronside.com

Rapid Rail International • Safety Systems • RRiSafety.com

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