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Flyers – ‘the sky’s the limit’

Those who’ve ventured out in the car over the last few days are reminded of their days as a novice driver. Tongue between teeth, will I get though this safely. There is nothing like a little snow and ice to spread that novice driver feeling. Memories. When promoting a driving school it’s better to focus on the freedom & aspirations
You may have heard, a friend or you have used the phrase ‘my other car is a Porche’. It could be you. For me it was the original ‘Ford Ka’ that enticed me to learn to drive.



Alan wanted a flyer that would stand out from the competition  and other publicity coming in the door. Focus on the fun and aspiratio0ns. For the Alan Doyle, School of Motoring, I created a bright flyer accentuating the positive. Luxury transport and freedom. ‘Teach a person to fish and they eat for life’, ‘the skys the limit’ as to what anyone might do with their skills.


A flyer is a versatile, cost effective means of  promotion. Flyers are available in a variety of sizes, A5, half a photocopy sheet of paper and DL (office envelope size), one third of a photocopy sheet are the most common as they are the most practical for postal delivery. Both can be printed on one side (single sided), two sides (double sided), or the required size may achieved by folding an A4 down. Each provides the designer with individual challenges. A4, A5 and DL being the optimum postal sizes though not excluding sizes utilising variations of their dimensions.


Now you have your flyers and you want to share them with your audience, present and future customers. There are a number of options. Contact your national postal service for rates etc. Many towns have local distributers of promotional material. Though the most cost effective and most successful method is to have you or your staff deliver them, specifically people your customer would be likely to deal with if they were to buy your product or service. Deliver outside of the regular working week hours. Saturdays or after tea time. Of course this may vary depending upon your target audience. This way your publicity doesn’t clash or get mixed into with regular postal/ publicity deliveries. The deliverer should make an attempt to meet the householder, share a brief introduction I’m such and such, from here then ask if the resident minds your leaving your publicity with them. This isn’t the time to give the full sales pitch unless the occupant asks relevant questions.  The main thing is that your distribution is targeted, some of your potential customers get to meet real people & you get better value from your promotion.


You’re passionate about your business, spread the word.

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