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•• Published: Jun 19, 2013

Another kenetic type video from IBEC this time sharing the feel good factor of participating in the European Market place. European achievements. Our advantages over other world markets.

Published on Mar 1, 2013
This video was produced by BUSINESSEUROPE for the IBEC CEO Conference in February 2013. 

Europe’s future depends on business and the future of business depends on Europe.

*1-largest economy





*6-Europes future


1. Europe is the largest economy in the world
– Europe has 503 million citizens, only 7% of the world’s population, but 23% of the global GDP, which is greater than China and Japan combined

- Europe is the largest exporter in the world and one out of ten European jobs depend on exports

– The European Single Market:
• adds €600 billion a year to Europe’s economy

• helped 6 million Europeans find a job in another Member State

2. Europe needs global business
– 7 of the top 10 foreign direct investment destinations are European

– 148 out of the top 500 companies are based in Europe, more than the US, China and Japan

– In 2011, Europe invested € 5 trillion abroad, more than the US and Japan together

- The EU is the world leader in chemicals,
• the biggest world trader in medicinal and pharmaceutical products and
• provides one third of the world trade on machinery and appliances

• 5 out of the 10 largest financial firms are European

3. Citizens and business work together

- Europe is the home of 24 million businesses

• employing 172 million people, nearly 80% of jobs in Europe!

- A quarter of EU citizens have started a business and
• 43% of young people wish to do so

4. Europe’s got brains

- Every second Nobel prize in sciences goes to an European

– 83.9 million EU citizens have attained third level education

- 56% of Europeans can speak at least two languages.

- 27.5% of all patent applications come from European companies

5. European business means quality

- Europe produces 15.9% of all high-tech exports
– Is the world’s largest car exporter, generating 12 million direct and indirect jobs in Europe

- The top 10 luxury brands are all European

6. Business connects Europe

– Almost one in eight Europeans have worked abroad

- European brains invented the worldwide web and the high speed train

- Europe has the world’s largest shipping fleet

- Europe is connected by business

- European business is global and innovative
- Europe’s future depends on business


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