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Micro ID Chip • Does that make the Cat a cyborg?

Published: Jun 25, 2012

When you’ve grown up on a steady diet of Scifi Cyborgs seem not so far in the future. True knees, hips, heart valves and assorted replacements are modern medical marvels. I admit to expressing disgust at the excited Kevin Warwick ‘Captain Cyborg’ (British scientist and professor of cybernetics at the University of Reading) implanting a chip under his skin then calling himself a cyborg on BBC’s ‘Tomorrows World’ in the Late ‘1990’s. That said I understood that he could open a door, switch on lights, with a thought, but he demonstrated little else.

My cat has an ID chip her, Sureflap cat flap recognises her unique chip and lets her in. No magnets, it reads her micro chip. In the footage below she demonstrates, Pennyworth is the coolest cat in the kitchen, the one and the only.

Does that make the Cat a cyborg?

This post answers two questions. One: what does a facebook video embed look like outside of Facebook (see above).
Two: what can cyborg technology do in 2012? Some hints below.

Today prostetic limbs offer the the closest resemblance to cyber technolgy depicted in my youth’s SciFi diet.


Man controls hand with mind:

Mechanical Finger

Bionic Soldiers

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