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3D Paper Sculpture by Jeff Nishinaka

Published: Oct 12, 2012 

Paper is potential, curiosity, beauty. The texture, aroma, colour can evoke a mood, a memory, give an impression. Jeff Nishinaka demonstrates this through his 3D pieces.

“We could choose any type of medium, like matchsticks, nails and clay. I chose paper and made a fish sculpture – it was an ‘ah-ha!’ moment for me. After that I quickly developed a feel for working with paper. I began experimenting with different papers, finding ways to shape, bend, and round edges on it.” Jeff Nishinaka.


Paper to Jeff is a living, breathing thing that has a life of its own. You can see more of his amazing work on his website.


Fashion portfolio


Advertising portfolio


Skilled paper sculpture mixed with animation who could resist • tribute to Disney ‘The Lion King’


See more of Jeffs work here
& here

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