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Graphic Designers – A top 5 of ‘Things we can do for you.’

3 Strategy for maximizing business • Start-Up! • Where to start?

Design & Promotion • Around the folds.

Identities • logotype • icons

Leaflets • flyers • publicity post


Brochure • magazine

Working together & Briefing

•         Setting the Brief
Even a small scale project with just two colors and a custom logo, can require over one to three weeks for printing. This does not include the shipment of special papers, the design and approval process, or pre-press preparation. The more complex the project, the longer the lead time required for printing.

Digital printing can take a few hours to 48 hours for short run Features: lower quantity & quality material when printed, also a reduced number of paper type & paper weights that can be used.

Some Large format & specialised print process’ eg foil blocking, can take a week or more.


These factors should be taken into consideration when planning the completion dates for your finished work.


Bringing a selection of examples, things or existing design solutions you like, dislike, colours and inspirational bits can help with your briefing.


The Process of Design & Production for Printed Materials

Stepping through the design process we will reach various stages that require approvals and decisions before we can go on with the project. Each job is unique.

Outlined simply this is the process:

•        Initial Consultation
This is a meeting in which the client presents the project requirements. Presenting the brief, we discuss possible solutions, and then decide whether or not to go ahead with the project.The absolute deadline must be clearly stated. An invoice will be issued at the first meeting (concept

•        Authorisation to Begin the Design Phase
Our Pricing and Terms forms are acknowledged/ signed by the client, along with a 33 to 60% deposit made to 2D Graphic design to begin work. Billable time now begins.Various design concepts are created and presented to the client.The client may request changes to the design at this point.The changes will be implemented and presented to the client.

The designer requires final copy before design development & modification of chosen solution. Final checking of artwork before work goes to print is the responsibility of the client. (This includes spellings) Final checking of print proofs is the responsibility of the client.

•        “Sign-Off” of the Design and The Pre-Press Work Begins
The client accepts the design and signs off on all design, spelling,wording, and layout. Now any special papers can be ordered, and the final prepress work will begin. At this point payment for special paper may be required.

•        The Delivery of the Materials
The final printed materials are either picked up or delivered to the client as per prior arrangement. The final bill is usually mailed to the client at this time, payment is due within l0 days.

Additional work beyond that originally agreed when setting the brief will be charged separately.

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