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Graphic Designers – A top 5 of ‘Things we can do for you.’

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Design & Promotion • Around the folds.

Identities • logotype • icons

Leaflets • flyers • publicity post


Brochure • magazine

Pricing & Quotes

•        For the design of an identity An identity can be a ‘Business print mark’ which is your business name in a typeface of choice with little embellishment, then generation of artwork for print & web. We can ‘recreate artwork’ of pre-printed  identities,  electronic artwork for professional printing and formats for use on the web.  identities • logotype • icons A logotype relects the personality, ethos and uniqeness of your enterprise or endeavor. A good identity is researched, discussed with you the customer, developed and creates an identity unique to the client.

There is a flat fee though variations arise’ when considerations such as the size of identity required e.g. a company has many types of internal documents, intranet, livery etc.  and its use. For example a logo or symbol to be used on billboards or on the side of a building has different requirements to the same at a size suitable for stationary or eye-level external signage and must be modified accordingly. The design of stationary is additional and depend on requirements of the customer.

Need a Quote? Complete the form to help us  design the identity you want? Logo Design Questionnaire . Reading the form will give you an insight into the questions I’ll ask during a consultation.

      Stationary Range should start with a business card. Your calling card will be the most valuable tool in your promotion. Created to share with everyone. It will display your identity, contact information and portray the spirit of your enterprise.

Other elements of stationary can vary from business to business. Letterheads, Compliment slips, Facsimile forms, Remittance forms, Business forms etc.. Electronic stationary (formatts: word, pdf etc.) and HTML email signatures. All created to reflect your business ethos, product etc. to be visually consistent across your business brand.

•       Brochures, Catalogs, booklets & leaflets etc. Promotional Material Leaflets • flyers • publicity post are designed to potray your message. Created specifically to your needs, expressing your business look and identity. Each piece is charged per page & media size i.e.A3,A4,A5 etc. Any previously undiscussed, additional expense due to work required to images for example altering pictures to print useable images, the generation of maps or illustrations. Digital enhancement, manipulation and background removal. Sourcing/ procuring images will be charged separately. 

We’ll  engage and  work with the printer/ illustrator/ photographer/ third party developers etc however they will invoice the client directly.

Need promotional material? Give us call +353 539 122 355 or send us an email: Contact form. 

•       Website design price is per number of pages required; some variation from the basic rate may result from how a customer provides information to be used on the site. Electronic format preferred for text and high resolution images (300 dpi). Copy written specifically for online publication is preferred. Making maximum use of search engine optimization wording. Any additional time sourcing, generating images or researching will add cost and requires the your permission to proceed.

Site hosting and domain name set up available.

Need a Quote? Fill the form to help us provide the website you need? Website Design Questionnaire . Reading the questionaire will give  you an idea of question I may ask to develop your website.

•       Graphic Design work,  holiday cover within a print house, Newspaper offices etc: Flat weekly or day rate. As an outsourced designer: once off Newspaper, magazine advertisements will be charged by the hour. Where an established format exists a flat rate will be applied due to layout consistency and frequency of the design work, price pre-negotiated between customer/ print department etc. and this designer.

• • When requesting a quote. estimate by email,  over the phone +353 539 122 355 or Skype: twodtypog outline your project brief,  give the title of the project, a short description, deadline and location. Please include your contact number, I may need to clarify details, follow up.






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