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19th September Sureflap replacement brown to white from Sureflap

Published: Sep 19, 2012 

Santa Claws delivered the Sureflap, cat flap, Christmas 2011. It was installed January 2012. June/ July the red light began flashing. indicating the batteries were running out. I replaced the batteries, the catch remained in the “open” position. I tried all the trouble shooting tips I could find on forums, the Sureflap website, the Sureflap You Tube and followed every googled search lead. The Sureflap ticked away, acting like a regular cat flap. Using up batteries. I contacted Sureflap using an iPhone via their website. No reply, I blamed the smart phone. I tried again from the desktop. I received an automated reply, no follow up. Since that I contacted Sureflap via their You Tube, Amazon and even google. Through the Sureflap You Tube, they suggested their contacting me here on my 2D Graphic Design website. I said, please do, no further follow up. I was getting around to their facebook page & twitter when…

The Helpful Response arrived 17 /9 /2012, 10:58 via email. More trouble shooting tips were suggested. When they were unsuccessful I was asked for my postal address. The replacement, batteries and a little B&W cat ‘mini Newton’ arrived by FedEx 11:45, 18 /9 /2012. The new Sureflap was installed, later that evening.

Pennyworth didn’t mind the colour change. She enjoyed the extra treats received while programming this Sureflap to recognise her ID Chip. She noticed the latch was working. This morning she teased the neighbors cat safely through the Sureflap, last week Molly could hit back. ‘mini Newton’ is stuck to the filing cabinet.

The trouble shooting tips/ FAQ’s, the second was one I hadn’t found on the internet, they might help someone else.

“In the first instance we would recommend that you are using high quality alkaline batteries (Energizer have given the best performance). I would be happy to send you out some batteries free of charge for you to trial. Both the light flashing and the clicking noises are generally from the unit not receiving a good charge.”


“We have had a few customers tell us of this issue recently. When we have received the units back into our engineering department for testing, we have found that there was a slight build up of cat fur on the top draft excluder.

This build up of cat fur along the draft excluder can obscure the sensors of the SureFlap – causing the SureFlap to be continuously in the “on” mode – thereby draining the batteries.

Could you please check your top draft excluder and remove any hair build up there – this should solve the problem for you.”


Sureflap cleaning video

On the older brown, Sureflap the catch is still stuck in the open position, no batteries installed.

I haven’t been fast enough to capture the cooler, ‘the cat has the key to enter’ moment since the Sureflap replacement.

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