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Published on: 15 May 2017

As an avid reader it would easier to share the word on which books I won’t read. When it comes to business, design etc., I have quite a collection of advisors. Most business articles in print, online & webinars performed by influencers advocate, ‘when stuck read a book’. We’re spoiled for choice when it come to reading formats.

pBooks being traditional ‘Paper’ physical bound books & eBooks are the digital formats

 a selection of motivational, educational, inspirational books on business. Brody Sweeny, Napoleon Hill, susan Jeffers, Joanne Hession, Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Fiona Harold

Wake up and change your life    Duncan Bannatyne

How to be smart with your money    Duncan Bannatyne

Get a Life     Nicholas Bates

Ways of Seeing     John Berger

You are the limiting factor • Blaise Brosnan

Jack • Blaise Brosnan

I dare You • Blaise Brosnan

Go it Alone   • Geoff Burch

How to win friends and influence people    Dale Carnegie

Think and Grow Rich     Napoleon Hill

Outwitting the Devil    Napoleon Hill

the Secret     Rhona Byrne

Golden Apples • Bill Cullen

How to be a People Person    Márianna Csóti

The Doctor & the Soul • Victor E Frank

Marketing     G B Giles

The  10-Minute Life Coach    Fiona Harold

The 7 Rules of Success    Fiona Harold

Don’t get job – Build a business    Joan Baker & Joanne Hession

Short Hands, Long Pockets    Eddie Hobbs

Manage your mind    Gillian Butler & Tony Hope

Feel the fear and do it anyway    Susan Jeffers

End the struggle & dance with life    Susan Jeffers

Mans Symbols • Carl Jung

Basics before Buzz     Kevin Kelly

Everything is Negotiable     Gavin Kennedy

The Money Doctor    John Lowe

Getting to Yes    Roger Fisher, William Ury &  Bruce Patton

The Power of Positive Thinking    Norman Vincent Peale

Be your Own Boss     Terry Prone

Talk the Talk     Terry Prone

Get to across    Dick Richards

The Bluffers Guide to Small Business    John Winterson Richards

Unlimited Power     Antony Robbins

Professional Selling Skills     Rory M Scanlan

The Magic of thinking Big     David J Schwartz

The cheque’s in the post    Andrea Shavick

Making BR€AD     Brody Sweeney

The psychology of Perception • M D Vernon

The One Minute, Entrepreneur    Ken Blanchard, Don Hutson & Ethan Willis

eBooks & pBooks to help us to develop & build our business acumen. Internationaly famous titles & Irish Authors. Manage your mind, Wake up and change your life, I dare you, Short arms long pockets, Golden Apples, You are the limiting Factor, The cheques in the post, The Money Doctor, Get it across, Jack, Golden Apples, Man & his symbols.

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