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Graphic Designers – A top 5 of ‘Things we can do for you.’

3 Strategy for maximizing business • Start-Up! • Where to start?

Design & Promotion • Around the folds.

Identities • logotype • icons

Leaflets • flyers • publicity post


Brochure • magazine


Why! Leaflets mean business

Flyers the little promotional piece that packs a punch. Considered the bread & butter of the Print industry, flyers are cost effective. A lot of information can be...Read More »

Identity • 5 top things & then some.

Published on: 26 Jul 2017

In secondary School I adopted the image above as my mark. It adorned my...Read More »

Take time out • Head for M|A|R|R|S

Published: Jul 2017

It’s Summertime, ‘Pump up the volume’ • July 30 years ago M|A|R|R|S.  Enjoy the sun.



Music is evokative, sharing memories, emotions, sounds...Read More »

pBooks & eBooks • Standing on the shoulders of Giants

Published on: 15 May 2017

As an avid reader it would easier to share a list of books I won’t read. When it comes to...Read More »

Graphic Designers - A top 5 of 'Things we can do for you.'

Published on: 3 Mar 2017

Graphic Design is the business of making or choosing marks & arranging them on a surface to convey an idea....Read More »

Happy New year 2017

Published: 13 Jan 2017


...Read More »

They sent • Hope & Good Morning

Published: 30 Dec 2016

Wow. Stuck for words

Carrie Frances Fisher (October 21, 1956 – December 27, 2016

Debbie Reynolds (April 1, 1932 – December 28, 2016

Debbie Reynolds
“Good Morning” ~ Singin’ in...Read More »

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